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RSS in Syndicate news.

To read the syndicate news, simply you have to introduce in your reader of news the following direction:
Subsequently we have elaborated a simple one guides to resolve doubts about the use and meaning of RSS (SyndicateNews XML in the Web).

1. What is RSS? Rich Site Summary (RSS)

It is a format of exchange (therefore is called sindicación or Syndicate news) of contents. The files RSS serve to create simple channels of publication that can be read by special programs (readers of news or regular, to the style of feedreader). When we read in a place "Syndicate this site XML" with all its variant signifies that you can read the news that are published in that place web (through a reader of news) without need to agree to the page. Advantages? many, the main one is that only will notify you when changes in the page be produced, without need to agree to the same one.

2. Formats: XML, RDF, RSS

XML is a very generic data broadcast format.
RSS is a format of files based on XML, possesses different versions, the most common one of them it is 0.91 and 1.0 more or less compatible among if.
RDF is a format of metadata utilized to contain information, is utilized for boards of directors as DMOZ to export its information to other formats.

3. Why does it serve RSS?

To the extent that have enlarged the pages webs dedicated to offer news, articles, information in general... each time is more difficult to know which are the last news of a quick and simple form. The format RSS permits to agglutinate all that information through programs that add those news syndicates and that can be read by means of the readers of news. It is not necessary to visit each page web to be to the so much of the updatings that are produced.

4. What program I can utilize to read news syndicates?

They exist multitude of programs, some of them free other of payment, we recommend the feedreader Since it is free and very simple to utilize. It permits to read the news syndicates in RSS of a comfortable and very simple form

5. Where can I seek syndicate news?

Various boards of directors exist that offer news syndicates (RSS), a good place to begin are the following:

Syndic8 - In English, possibly the best-known one.

6. As creating files RSS?

The files RSS are very simple to create since always contain the same information: regular, direction, description... subsequently we detail which should be the general structure of a files RSS.

.xml version = "1.0" encoding = "ISO-8859-1" - It does reference to the version of the fichero xml and the type of codification.
.rss version = "0.91" - Is the version of the file rss.
..title - title of the page web
..description - brief description of the page web - link to the page web
..language - language of the page web
..webMaster - direction of mail of the creator of the page web
....title - title of the article - link to the page web where the article is found
....description - brief description of the articles

We should repeat it content among the labels item, so many times as news we desire to show (at the moment of Syndicatenews is better not Syndicatemany news, we advise a number between 5 and 10). In the following link an example of a page can be seen created in RSS that belongs to, Example. is not responsible for operations of purchase / sale or investments based on systems free provided in our web.
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